The order (film) will only be sent once the payment has been made and the License of Use signed by both parties.

Packages are sent regularly between 15 and 30 days after receipt of your payment (there are specifications in the shipment by specifications of the country of destination). For our part we try to send the heavy files as soon as possible but you should consider their treatment is slow. Shipping costs include packaging, distribution. Shipping costs are included in the price of the product, that is, shipping costs are free (does not include customs or special rates).

If the file can be sent via online transfer, this option will be chosen. Delivery would be in less days once payment was made.

DEVICE: The configuration of our USB MS-DOS (FAT), this configuration allows the reading of files on both PC and MAC.

FILES: Video files are configured for digital planetariums of a single projector from 1080px to 2000px (.mov or mp4). For 2000 px to 4000 px formats, the files will be sent in numbered frames and contained in a folder, along with the audio. At the moment, we do not make adaptations to warp or formats of several projectors (paid by the client). However, before sending, we will contact the customer to define the type of file they wish to receive according to their projection system.


RETURN: Our films, being an intangible asset (license to use movie and movie file), has no refund. You can see the contents of our films in full at and decide if it is in your interest to buy.