STREAMING SUBSCRIPTION: You can now rent our movies for children's digital planetariums for a limited time through a weekly, monthly or annual subscription. You have our entire catalog of movies, you can play the movies online as many times as you need for your school activities on astronomy, environmental education and other educational content for young children, leisure activities or festive events.

Fisheye warping for spherical mirror fulldome projection (WarpHD 16:9 1920x1080 px is available on all films, also in fisheye format (Fisheye 2K 2000x2000 px)To check if the deformation of the films adapts to your planetarium, you have the demonstration in the card of each subscription model.

To be able to use this service you only need a stable and optimal internet connection. Choose the subscription model that best suits your activities as a company or institutional body (city councils, ministries, museums, cultural centers, toy libraries, astronomy centers, etc.).

The subscription provides you with limited and non-exclusive reproduction rights (always via streaming) through this website, so you will not have a copy of the movies under any circumstances. By subscribing, you agree by default to respect terms and conditions to safeguard the copyright and intellectual property rights of Alejandro Durán, for any questions or inquiries, you can contact us..

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