BUY .JPG SEQUENCE FILES: Movies based on JPG image sequences are intended for planetariums with multiple projectors or a high-quality projector that supports fisheye image sequence playback, that is, large planetariums.

These images or frames must be configured by the planetarium itself. At BUOFULLDOME we don't do the adaptation. The planetariums that usually use these projection systems are usually museums or large institutional planetariums.

BUOFULLDOME's movies (full dome programs) for digital planetariums are special animation movies for children, with varied, fun and easy-to-assimilate content: Astronomy, knowledge of the environment, natural sciences, history, etc. We recommend watching our movies in full to assess the impact on your Digital Planetarium project. Movie rates vary based on format and number of movies purchased. We try to offer affordable and affordable prices to reach every corner of the planet, we want to help build a better world for all children.

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