Films for digital planetariums under the seal of BUOFULLDOME are made by A. Durán. BUOFULLDOME films can only be viewed through this website; they are not available on social media or video platforms. The contents of this project cannot be copied or modified. For more information, please read the terms and conditions.

- Author: © Alejandro Durán, all rights reserved.

- Locutions: Pablo Domínguez Lagares (Spanish) and Rubén Sarrión (English). Other Voice-Overs (FR) (DE) (Fiverr).

- Audio repository: Jsayle, Tim Beek, Kevin Macleod, Freepd, Incompetech, Pixabay, Looperman, Freesound. In this project, we use music and sound effects with licenses for public domain and Creative Commons. 

- Content on astronomy and other educational topics based on universal public domain knowledge.

We are in the process of updating and improving the information regarding the credits of the Buofulldome project. Soon, we will show more detailed information about the musical artists.