Alejandro Durán (Seville, 1978) is a leading artist belonging to the new generation of Sevillian painters (

Parallel to the development of his work as an artist, he has worked in the content and movie design sector for planetariums since 2005, with a trajectory of more than 10 years of experience. In this sense, Alejandro Durán, has specialized in the production of children's films for digital planetariums with the aim of providing the teaching environment with a unique content tool for highly fun, creative, emotional and experiential teaching.

In his career, with more than twenty films of his own, he has worked on other films such as "Exploring the Solar System", "The Ring World", "On the trail of Energy" and "Physics and Chemistry: In History class ".

Películas Planetarios Digitales BUO FULL DOME

A minimum reflection, by Alejandro Durán:

The importance of art and science in training at an early age provides a series of creative abilities that help us improve our experiences in life and our ability to intervene in our environment. The artistic and scientific education seen from the necessary breadth, is linked to the improvement of many physical, emotional and psychic qualities, the artistic and scientific impressions that a child receives can last a lifetime in his memory and consequently, increases the chances that In adulthood, value "knowledge" with greater interest and improve your empathy with your surroundings. That is why artistic and scientific education should be considered as an intrinsic part in the formation of people at a very young age.

Alejandro Durán.