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Alejandro Durán's films, being intangible goods, are non-refundable. You can watch the full contents of the films at and decide if they are of interest to you before acquiring reproduction rights for your planetarium.

When you pay the corresponding invoice, you are acquiring the license described below. By acquiring a license (whether for one film, multiple films, or the streaming service in any of its varieties), you are default accepting the terms that protect the copyrights and intellectual property of Alejandro Durán.


The usage license seeks to establish a balance between the necessary flexibility for the Licensee and the protection of the Licensor's rights, encouraging beneficial and respectful collaboration.

This Usage License establishes the terms and conditions between the involved parties, granting limited rights and specific responsibilities regarding the use of licensed Fulldome films, whose intellectual property and authorship belong to Alejandro Durán Mediavilla (hereinafter ADM). The Licensee, identified as the entity, company, or person authorized to use the films, agrees to respect the copyrights and comply with the detailed clauses.

In the event that there is any nuance that may harm the author and is not reflected in this license, it is established that all copyrights are reserved for ADM. Likewise, it is clarified that the BUO FULLDOME DESIGN logo is a representative symbol and the film rights are exclusive to the author. If for any reason ADM cannot act on his behalf in future circumstances, the person or entity will act according to the current legality.


ADM's Fulldome Films are finished works, containing copyrighted material and intellectual property of ADM, as well as any additional derived material such as posters, trailers, scripts, etc. All rights are reserved for ADM.


ADM grants limited and non-exclusive rights to the Licensee to use and present the Fulldome Films in a single planetarium. The show can be performed publicly or privately, charging for tickets as defined by the Planetarium. The show will only be performed in the planetarium that has acquired reproduction rights for a limited time.

Transfer of this usage license to third parties is not allowed. Modifications of audio or video of any of ADM's Fulldome films are not allowed. Distribution of the films, whether in their entirety or in fragments, is not permitted. Selling, renting, or distributing to third parties is prohibited. Any kind of copying of the films, whether it is a fragment or the entirety, is not allowed. Dubbing of audio by the licensee is not allowed; the available audios are final at the time of acquisition of reproduction rights. Derivative works or copies by the Licensee are not allowed.

The Licensee agrees that this Usage License and any related materials will not be transferred, assigned, granted, allocated, or sublicensed to third parties (whether individuals, companies, or organizations of any kind). The Licensee agrees that they cannot rent, copy, lease, lend, export, modify, or resell the usage license or the films. The Licensee agrees to comply with copyright laws, prevent misuse, and refrain from selling, renting, or distributing to third parties.

The protection of the films against theft, distribution, modification, or copying is mandatory for the Licensee.

If your license is via STREAMING, the subscription provides you with (limited and non-exclusive) reproduction rights exclusively via streaming through this website or another website authorized by ADM. You must respect all license terms safeguarding ADM's copyrights and intellectual property.


Upon conclusion of the license period, you may not use our films under any circumstances. The usage license is valid for a limited time as negotiated between ADM and the Licensee, with the option of renewal or cancellation at the end of the period. At the end of the period, the agreement will be terminated, and the Licensee must delete any material belonging to ADM to prevent its misuse. The Licensee guarantees that all material belonging to ADM has been deleted. If the Licensee wishes to proceed with renewal, the Licensee must acquire a new usage license authorized by ADM.

The validity of the usage license is subject to timely and full payment of the corresponding invoice, in accordance with the terms agreed upon by the parties. The usage license agreement authorizes the Licensee to use ADM's Fulldome films during the established period, subject to conditions protecting the author's rights and terms of use of ADM's Fulldome Films.

The commercial relationship between the Licensor and the Licensee is limited to the moment of delivery and/or access to the Fulldome Films and payment of the Invoice. The duration of the usage license, which establishes the conditions of use, continues beyond the termination of the commercial relationship, and at all times the copyrights and intellectual property rights of ADM must be respected. Any concession by ADM after this time will be considered a gesture of goodwill.


ADM reserves the right to cancel this agreement due to copyright infringement or other detrimental circumstances for the author. In case of cancellation, it implies the immediate cessation of the use of the films and actions to protect the author's rights. The Licensee's breach will result in the cancellation of the agreement, with the corresponding costs borne by the Licensee.

In the event that the Licensee fails to meet its obligations, the Licensee agrees to indemnify ADM for all claims, losses, liabilities, damages, costs, and expenses, including attorney fees, that may be incurred in connection with the breach of this Usage License. If it reaches this point, it will result in the cancellation of this Usage License. The Licensee expresses and warrants that ADM has the necessary authority to carry out the obligations established in this license and has accepted this agreement voluntarily and without coercion.

The use of this license for any purpose outside the details outlined will be a violation of this license and thus of the copyright, in which case, damages may be claimed through legal or judicial means.

Failure to comply with any provision of this License will not waive our right to enforce it or any other provision in the future.


Non-compliance does not waive ADM's rights. Loss of profits or other direct or indirect damages in the activities of the Licensee's Planetarium are not guaranteed. In the event of any eventuality that may affect the development of the planetarium's activity regarding ADM's Fulldome films, we urge you to contact us to examine possible alternatives or seek amicable solutions. In no event shall ADM be liable for any loss of profits or other indirect damages (which may arise, including negligence) in relation to the shows in the Licensee's planetarium.

Any dispute arising from the unauthorized use of our films shall be under the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of Seville, Spain.


Suggestions are welcome but not mandatory. The supplied formats and contents cannot be altered, nor can copies or derivative works be created. If there is a need on the part of the Licensee, they must contact the author to seek possible solutions; however, ADM is not obligated to make the modifications suggested by the Licensee. ADM is free to modify the contents of the Fulldome Films to improve their content, make updates, etc., without prejudice or obligation to the Licensee.

The formats of the films are unalterable. If the Licensee needs adaptation of our film to their digital projector, they must contact the author to see possible solutions; in no case is the author obligated to generate new formats or adaptations to the Licensee's projector specifications. If there are doubts about the compatibility of ADM's Fulldome film formats with their projector, they should contact the author.

The incorporation of new versions in other languages by ADM is possible but not mandatory. If the Licensee is interested in new audio versions, updates, dubbings, or new creations, they must contact ADM, and only ADM can make modifications of versions to other languages if ADM deems it appropriate. ADM is not obligated to make new creations or modifications. Similarly, under no circumstances can the Licensee create audio or video versions of ADM's films.


In advertising, the phrase "A Fulldome film by Alejandro Durán" must be included. Distribution through any channel is not authorized. You agree that no part of the show is displayed or carried out outside the licensed site (planetarium); therefore, the distribution of ADM's films on channels such as radio, television, another planetarium, whether live, cable, or internet, is prohibited.

In case of doubts about projection, communication, or advertising actions, you must contact the author.


Both parties recognize and value the importance of cultivating goodwill and mutual understanding within the framework of this Usage License. Open and effective communication between the Licensor and the Licensee is encouraged to address any questions, concerns, conflicts, or suggestions that may arise during the validity of the usage license. It is understood that if the Licensee respects ADM's copyrights and intellectual property rights under this Usage License and makes respectful use of the licensed films, no incidents should arise.


Contact us.


If you have any questions or have not understood any point of the License terms, please contact us.

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