Please, if you have questions in the purchase on-line please contact us. Please read carefully the conditions of the License:


We grant limited and non-exclusive rights to use and screen the film in only one planetarium. The screening that you may offer of our film may be carried out with either public or private audiences as many times as you wish and you may sell tickets to view the film.


You agree that the screening will be always presented in its entirety. Neither audio or video may be changed without prior authorisation.


You are granted permission to copy the film but only for its use in the planetarium. You are required to protect the film, taking care that it is not stolen, distributed, modified or copied by your own personnel or other persons outside your organisation, centre, institution or company.


The film contains copyrighted and intellectual property material which belongs to us. You and your employees (or collaborators) agree to comply with all applicable copyright and intellectual property laws. You and your employees are committed to take all measures necessary to prohibit the misuse of this film. You may not sell, resell, hire, modify or distribute our film to third parties and you are required to prevent third parties from infringing copyright and intellectual property laws.


You agree that no part of the screening is carried out or performed outside the license site (the planetarium indicated herein), such as radio, television, another planetarium, either live, via cable or Internet. In the case of wanting to retransmit a fragment or all of the film, it will be necessary to obtain our prior permission and agreement in writing.


In all forms of advertising - for example, posters, press releases, trailers, web pages, ads - which are generated for the planetarium screening, the credit phrase "A BUOFULLDOME film" must be included. You agree not to state or imply that the film was created or produced by you or by a third party. Phrases like "The “___” Planetarium presents..." are acceptable.


You agree that neither this License nor the use of the film will be transferred, ceded, granted, assigned or sublicensed to third parties (be they individuals, businesses or organisations of any kind). You may not hire, lease, lend, export or re-sell any part of the programme or film to any other person or organisation.


This License will have a duration period of: 5 / 10 years (select sheet). At the end of this period, you may renew the license or cancel the license. If you decide to cancel the license, you will be required to erase our film and all material that was provided by us.


We reserve the unconditional and irrevocable right to terminate this AGREEMENT at any time for breach of copyright or other unusual circumstance that harms the author and the film. Incidents will be communicated in writing, and in the case of not reaching a consensus, we are authorised to cancel this AGREEMENT and you will be required to destroy our film and material provided.


The use of this license for any purpose beyond the details herein stated without first obtaining our express prior written permission is a violation of this license and therefore the copyright, and in such a case, we may claim damages via legal or judicial means.


All our films contain a hidden code in the film (agreement number). In the event of the film being distributed, copied or sold to third parties without authorisation (or similar), it will be possible to identify where it came from and damages may be claimed.


You express and warrant that we have the necessary authority to carry out the obligations established in this License and that you have accepted this AGREEMENT voluntarily and without coercion.


This LICENSE AGREEMENT may not be modified; any alteration thereof must be authorised by us.


In the case that you default on your obligations, you agree to indemnify us for all claims, losses, liabilities, damages, costs and expenses, including lawyers’ fees, which we may incur in relation to the breach of this AGREEMENT. Reaching this point would suppose the cancellation of this agreement.


Failure to comply with any provision of this AGREEMENT shall not annul our right to enforce the same or any other provision in the future.


In no event shall we or our suppliers be liable for any lost profits or other indirect damages (that could arise, including negligence) in relation to your screening.


You are authorised to dub the script and the text of the film (provided by us in English or Spanish) to create a new voice recording in a different language to the ones produced by us (at your own risk and without costs to us). You are required to inform us that a new recording has been made for our film. In the case that the new recording made by you does not have sufficient quality and/or does not respect the story of our original script, we have the authority to cancel the use of this new recording due to it being inappropriate for our film. This new translation and recording, along with our film, may only be used in your planetarium and it must comply with all applicable copyright and intellectual property laws.


It is completely forbidden to create derivative works with our movies. You are only authorised to dub the sound recording of our films to adapt it to the language of your country. This new recording must respect our script and content.


Any suggestions or recommendations for improving our films will be welcome, but we are not obliged to execute them.


You can adapt our film to the projection format that your planetarium projector uses (at your own risk and with no cost to us). The adaptation of our movie to your digital projector is only for use in your planetarium and it must comply with all applicable copyright and intellectual property laws specified in this AGREEMENT.


It is understood that if you respect the copyright of this AGREEMENT no incident or problem should arise in the use of our film. We understand that there is good faith on both sides, even so, we are obliged to specify the details of your rights and obligations with respect to our film. If you have any questions please contact us.


This license will be valid once payment of the film corresponding to this AGREEMENT is received and when this document has been signed by all parties.


The intermediary will respect the copyright and at the same time he will respect the terms and conditions of this AGREEMENT without the right to screen, sell, re-sell, hire or modify the film that has been provided for the exclusive use of the Licensee.


If we carry out new versions (graphical, sound and voice recording improvements) of the film supplied, the licensee is optionally entitled to request the update of the film by paying the cost of said update.

This product, as is an intangible asset (license to use film and film file), has not refund. You can see the contents of our films in full at and decide if it is in your interest to buy.

The order (film) will only be sent once the payment has been made and the License of Use signed by both parties.

Packages are sent regularly between 15 and 30 days after receipt of your payment (there are specifications in the shipment by specifications of the country of destination). For our part we try to send the heavy files as soon as possible but you should consider their treatment is slow. Shipping costs include packaging, distribution. Shipping costs are included in the price of the product, that is, shipping costs are free (does not include customs or special rates).

If the file can be sent via online transfer, this option will be chosen. Delivery would be in less days once payment was made.

DEVICE: The configuration of our USB MS-DOS (FAT), this configuration allows the reading of files on both PC and MAC.

FILES: Video files are configured for digital planetariums of a single projector from 1080px to 2000px (.mov or mp4). For 2000 px to 4000 px formats, the files will be sent in numbered frames and contained in a folder, along with the audio. At the moment, we do not make adaptations to warp or formats of several projectors (paid by the client). However, before sending, we will contact the customer to define the type of file they wish to receive according to their projection system.


Our films are magnificent productions, it is the result of combining creative talent, neatness in design and style in the narrative. With our films the audience is not only fun, but they also learn, and what is best, are affordable for our customers.


All the productions belong to Alejandro Duran Mediavilla ( being the only platform that distributes movies.


You can pay the licensing of movies through the web by PAYPAL or Bank Transfer. If you want to propose another method of payment please contact us.


If you have questions or have not understood some point in the conditions of use, please contact us.